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Women’s Day Resolution for a Healthier Lifestyle


Women are great at multitasking. From managing their homes and work to social lives, women can do it all with a smile on their faces. However, in an effort to compose the right balance between different activities in their life, health ranks somewhere lower on their priority list. The increasing cases of heart diseases, breast cancer, diabetes, and hypertension prove that women pay less attention to severe conditions. Well, they genuinely are selfless. But most of these diseases are caused due to biological activities happening such as irregular periods, menopause, aging, and much more that lead to hormonal changes. Many physical and mental changes can help improve the quality of life by avoiding these risks. So, this International Women’s Day, it is time for all the amazing women out there to make some resolutions for a healthier lifestyle.

Women’s Day Resolution for a Healthier Lifestyle

Kick-off your day with a glass of water

Instead of relying on caffeine to make it through the day, kick-off your day with a glass of lukewarm water. Drink the water with lemon or honey, and your vital organs will feel energized. It also has anti-fungal and detoxification properties, making it perfect for cleansing your system and eliminating harmful bacteria.


Never Skip Breakfast

Yes, we understand that morning schedules can be hectic. But make time for breakfast. You can eat anything healthy like boiled eggs, a plate of salad, toast, etc. But breakfast is a crucial part of a healthy meal. So, never skip breakfast.


Maintain Your Bone Health

As women grow old, the estrogen level declines and leads to a decrease in bone density. Bone density is a significant risk factor in many diseases associated with women. So, increase your intake of calcium and Vitamin D. Try and incorporate milk into your diet daily. You can combine milk with fruits and nuts for your morning breakfast.


Work Out

Despite having a full packed, busy schedule, make at least 30 minutes to perform physical activities like walking, running, exercising, or simple yoga at home. This helps you in staying fit and away from diseases. Also, maintain your weight with exercises as weight gain is expected due to hormonal changes.


Regular Health Check-ups

When diagnosed at early stages, many diseases can be treated effectively with the advancement in medical science. Regular check-ups and body screening tests will help identify any condition that might be developing in your body. So, it is advised to visit your doctor at least once every month after you turn 30. With increasing age, health concerns become severe, and you need to take critical issues as your priority.


This International Women’s Day, #ChooseToChallenge these women’s health issues. Spread the awareness regarding the same to your colleagues, family members, and friends. Women have always been warriors, and the health issues are just hurdles down the road which you can quickly get through.


Wishing you all a very Happy Women’s Day! Stay healthy! Stay happy!


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