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generic seizure medications


A seizure is a condition in which a person witnesses electrical disturbances that leads to behavioral changes, changes in movement or feelings, and others. Seizures can be classified on their types and severity. There are two types of seizures; focal onset and generalized onset seizures.


Seizure tends to occur in a person who has just had a stroke, close head injury, infection, or other illness. In rare cases, the cause of a seizure is not known.


Common seizures last from 30 seconds to a maximum of two minutes, but if you witness a seizure that lasts longer than 5 minutes, immediately seek medical attention.


Most of the time, a seizure can be controlled with the help of seizure tablets.


Symptoms of seizure


Seizure and signs include the following;


- Jerking movements of the legs and arms

- Loss of consciousness

- Dizziness

- Headache

- Feeling sick to your stomach

- Confusion

- Sense of fear, anxiety, and others.


You can also ask your doctor for antiseizure medication for anxiety if you are feeling anxious and depressed.




A seizure can cause many complications that might put you at risk, such as;


- Drowning

- Pregnancy complications

- Accidents

- Falling


All of the above put you at higher risk as a seizure can cause loss of awareness, accidental drowning, psychological problems, and others.


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It rightly said that anything that affects your body affects your brain, which leads to a seizure. The conditions can cause seizures include; alcohol withdrawal, drug abuse, epilepsy, head trauma, a stroke, brain tumor, electric shock, liver or kidney failure, low glucose levels, high blood pressure, and other underlying illnesses.


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If you don’t get your seizure treated, their symptoms can worsen and lead to coma or death.




There are several treatments that you might have to undergo, depending on the severity of your seizure.


- You can treat seizure with the help of generic anti-seizure medicines

- Nerve stimulation

- Ketogenic diet

- Surgery


With the help of regular treatment, you can reduce the chances of seizure manifestations.


Anti-seizure pills side effects include; dizziness, stomach upset, feeling tired, blurred vision. It is advised not to do things that need you to be alert, such as; driving, using heavy machinery, and others.

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