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Girl with tissue on her nose suffering from influenza


Influenza  also commonly called flu is a viral infection that straight away attacks a person’s respiratory system. The flu attacks the lungs, nose, and throat.  Young children, older adults, pregnant women and others are at higher risks of this infection.


The flu antiviral drugs is used to treat the symptoms of influenza.




The symptoms may include;


- Fever

- Chills

- Muscle aches

- Cough

- Congestion

- Runny nose

- Headaches

- Fatigue

- Eye pain

- Vomiting and diarrhea


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Influenza travels through air droplets, when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks. People with this virus are contagious, it is advised to stay away from them. Children with a weakened immune system can have this virus for a longer period of time.


 Influenza (flu) antiviral drugs can help you fight with this virus.


Risk factors


- Age

- Living or working conditions

- Weakened immune system

- Chronic illnesses

- Race

- Pregnancy

- Obesity


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There are complications that can occur in children as well as adults who are at higher risk of this virus. Let’s see the complications this virus may cause;


- Pneumonia

- Asthma flare-ups

- Ear infections

- Bronchitis

- Heart problems

- Acute respiratory distress syndrome


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How to control the spread


The vaccine present for influenza is not 100% effective, however, it is very important to take several precautionary measures.


- Wash your hands

- Avoid touching your face

- Clean surfaces

- Avoid crowded places


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