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Girl holding her head and checking her temperature


Malaria is a parasitic disease that is spread to humans through infected mosquitoes. The symptoms that people usually face while suffering from malaria is high fever,  and chills. This disease is said to be the most common in tropical as well as sub-tropical countries.


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According to surveys, around 290 million people are infected with this disease where more than 400,000 people die from it.


To cure this disease your doctor may prescribe you anti malaria tablets.




The following are the symptoms of malaria, if you witness these symptoms, immediately contact your doctor.


- Fever

- Chills

- Headache

- Nausea and vomiting

- Diarrhea

- Abdominal or joint pain

- Fatigue

- Rapid breathing

- Cough

- Rapid heart rate


The symptoms are usually seen after a few weeks of being bitten by an infected mosquito.


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Malaria is caused by an infected mosquito and is transmitted into humans through mosquito bites.


The transmission cycle of malaria starts from an uninfected mosquito, the transmission of parasites, in the liver, into the bloodstream, and on to the next person.


Talking about other modes of transmission, this can happen from mother to unborn child, through blood transfusion and by sharing of needles to inject medicine.


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This condition can cause some serious complications, such as;


- Breathing problems.

- Organ failure

- Anemia

- Cerebral malaria

- Low blood sugar




Though you buy malaria tablets online and cure malaria if you stay in a region where this disease is common, you can protect yourself with the help of the following preventive measures.


- Cover your skin

- Apply insect repellent to your skin before you step out

- Apply the same repellent to clothing

- Sleep under the net


Consult your doctor if you get infected with this disease and your doctor will prescribe you the best malaria tablets that could help recover you fast.

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