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Trusted Medication Information

Trusted Medication Information

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Our Experts Aspire to Deliver Precise, Authoritative, and Trustworthy Content

CompleteOnlinePharmacy aims to help our patients understand and access healthcare. Our mandate is to deeply research and deliver trustworthy, evidence-based healthcare information that is accurate. We present a team of qualified doctors, pharmacists, medical experts, and editors with in-depth experience and expertise in scientific research and medical writing. Our team brings the best in terms of research and writing to help publish relevant medical content edited and curated by our Clinical Specialist Review Board. 

Workflow Process

We undertake our work carefully by following a well-established editorial workflow. We breakdown our tasks into:

1. Planning & Research

Our editorial team identifies content gaps to address unfulfilled needs through extensive research. Then, our experienced specialists further validate the concepts for approval.

2. Content Structuring

We strive to achieve consistency in our content by having a specially built structure.

3. Content Curation

Our content is curated from medical journals, meta-analyses, research articles, practice guidelines, systemic reviews, and product properties.

4. Content Creation

Our editorial team, with the help of healthcare specialists, combine efforts to create genuine content.

5. Citation and Referencing

One thing our team focuses on is writing information while citing at the same time. This policy ensures that we only include facts, statistics, and standard references in our content.

6. Content Review

We have a competent content review cycle for the consistency and accuracy of the content we deliver.

7. Consistent Language

Our style guides the language consistency of our content that our editors must review.

8. Assessing Readability

Our content should be accessible and understandable to everyone. We, therefore, ensure that information remains digestible while maintaining scientific credibility. Our editors also perform user testing to ensure our content is consumable.

9. Feedback Assessment

User feedback is vital for our content development, and we do this constantly to understand user preferences.

10. Regular Updates

With constant content reviews, we keep you updated with newer developments in the healthcare and medical field.


Guiding Framework for Content Creation

We have a robust code of conduct for creating health and medical content that guarantees the reliability and validity of the information we provide. Our editorial team maintains high medical integrity standards by following these guidelines.

1. Accurate

Content is authentic, reliable, and contains measurable facts.

2. Authoritative

Recognize content sources, authors, and their qualifications.

3. Up to date

Incorporate recent medical news, research and guidelines regularly.

4. Contextual

Information provided supplements the doctor-patient relationship.

5. Complementary

Create content complementing patient’s needs.

6. Credible

Citing and referencing appropriate sources of published information.

7. Transparent

Our content is not biased towards a product, brand, or service.


Medical Practitioners at Complete Online Pharmacy

Medicine Experts

At Complete Online Pharmacy, we are driven by the belief in delivering factually correct and relevant content. Our high-performance team of medical experts in charge of writing and subsequently reviewing the content comprises doctors, medical practitioners, pharmacists, and veteran editors.

Clinical Experts

The team of Clinical Experts at Complete Online Pharmacy are some of the most recognized names in the healthcare domain. Their unparalleled expertise and ability to critique specialized content for factual accuracy are second to none, ensuring we meet the necessary standards of medical and healthcare data.

Research Papers and Publications

Our experts regularly contribute with their opinion pieces in leading medical journals and have published many research papers to influence best practices at the highest level.

Our Medical Expert:
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Dr Anurag Sharma

B. Pharma

(10+ years of clinic and pharmacy experience)

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