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Leg with Intermittent claudication

Intermittent Claudication

Intermittent claudication also known as vascular claudication is a condition. It happens when muscle pain occurs due to mild exertion. The pain typically occurs in the calf muscle, during exercise, and others. Claudication is the pain one feels when your leg muscle does not get enough blood while you exercise.


Intermittent claudication drugs help in treating this condition.




- Cramping

- Numbness

- Pain

- Tingling

- Weakness


Other symptoms may include; hair loss on your leg, aching or burning sensation, foot sores, blotchy or shiny skin, impotence in men, weak arms or legs.


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Claudication causes


Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is said to be the most common cause of claudication. It occurs when the arteries get blocked due to plaque build-up. Apart from these, the condition that can cause or accelerate this PAD are; bulging artery in your belly or leg, damaged nerves, narrowed spinal canal and others.


Get yourself checked if you face any of these problems, your doctor may prescribe you intermittent claudication medicines.


Risk factors


 You are said to be at a higher risk of getting claudication  if you are;


- 50 years or above

- Obese

- Do not workout regularly

- Have a family history of claudication or certain heart diseases.

- Have diabetes, cholesterol or high blood pressure

- Smoke


There are drug treatment for claudication that can help relieve you from the pain.




Over time, you might feel pain in your legs even when you are not exercising.



There are medications for intermittent claudication, however, you can also make lifestyle changes that can help reduce the occurrence of this condition.


- Quit smoking

- Lose weight

- Healthy diet

- Exercise




Intermittent claudication medications, as well as some lifestyle changes, can help you prevent this condition;


- Avoid eating food with saturated fats

- Quit smoking

- Indulge in more physical activities

- Maintain your ideal weight


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