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Edema condition


Edema is a condition that causes swelling due to the large number of fluids collected in the body’s tissues. Though this medicine can affect any part of the body, however, it usually occurs in the arms, feet, ankles, legs and hands.


You can treat this condition with the help of edema medications.




There are various causes of edema and it is considered to be a manifestation of another condition, such as;


- Heart failure

- Kidney disease

- Thyroid disorder

- Blood clots

- Infections

- Severe allergic reactions


Apart from this, sometimes edema is a result of damaged veins or varicose veins in your legs.


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- Swelling or puffiness in the legs or arms

- Shiny skin

- Increased abdominal size


Order anti-edema drugs if you experience any of the above symptoms only after consulting your doctor.


If you witness the following symptoms, we would advise you to immediately consult your doctor.


- Difficulty in breathing

- Chest pain

- Shortness of breath


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Risk factors


Certain medications are also responsible for increasing the risk of getting edema, such as;


- Hypertension medicines


- Steroid drugs

- Estrogens

- Diabetes medications (not all)




Complications can occur if left untreated;


- Stiffness

- Reduced blood circulation

- Problem in walking

- Risk of getting skin ulcers


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