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Diabetes machine


Diabetes is also known as diabetes mellitus that is a result of excessive blood sugar in the blood. Diabetes can occur when the pancreas produces little or no insulin. The pancreas is an organ that helps the body store and use the sugar and fat from the food you consume. If you do not treat your diabetes, it can damage your nerves, eyes, kidneys and other organs.


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There are a few types of diabetes;


- Type 1 diabetes

- Type 2 diabetes

- Prediabetes

- Gestational diabetes


The above type of diabetes has their own unique kind of symptoms, treatments, and causes.


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Symptoms of diabetes


The general symptoms of diabetes are as follows;


- Increased thirst

- Increased hunger

- Frequent urination

- Sores that do not heal

- Extreme fatigue

- Blurry vision

- Weight loss


Consult your doctor and he may prescribe you certain antidiabetic drugs that can help you fight these symptoms.


Risk factors


There are a number of risk factors that can lead to diabetes;


- Weight

- Family history

- Inactivity

- Age

- Polycystic ovary syndrome

- High blood pressure


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Diabetes occurs when one of the following condition takes place, such as;


- Pancreas making little insulin

- Pancreas making no insulin

- Body not responding the way it should


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Diabetes can cause a number of complications if left untreated, such as; heart disease, stroke, neuropathy, hearing loss, bacterial and fungal infections, depression, dementia, foot damage and others.


Consult your doctor for the best medicine for diabetes.

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