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  • Why is buying online prescription medications outside the US affordable?

Why is buying online prescription medications outside the US affordable?


The major reason of people buying ONLINE PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS from outside USA is the spiral increase in the cost of drugs, making it next to impossible to BUY MEDICATIONS ONLINE IN USA.

Why is buying online prescription medications outside the US affordable?

What makes medications expensive in USA and Americans buy online medication outside America ?

The main cause for drugs being highly expensive in the US is that, there is no price control. The manufacturers can pass on the cost of researching, developing and advertising new drugs to consumers, making it exorbitant and unaffordable for penurious citizens. Whereas, other countries namely India and Canada control the price of drugs that are sold and dispensed out in their territories. Mostly countries regulate the price of medications to make it pocket-friendly for all the citizens, regardless of their income. Their governments directly or indirectly controls the pricing of medicines, unlike what happens in the U.S.

Why should US citizens buy medications from online pharmacies?

There are thousands of Americans who cannot afford to BUY PRESCRIPTIONS ONLINE IN USA as it costs them a ‘hole in their pocket’. Americans usually BUY FROM OFFSHORE ONLINE PHARMACY as its cheaper and at the same time they offer affordable branded quality generic prescription drugs, solving the purpose of people suffering from high prescription drug cost.

Safety, Quality and Authenticity

Online pharmacies or mainly talking about leading online pharmacies are places where you can find a solution to all your medical needs. What makes them the best place to shop prescription medications is that; online pharmacies contract with international licensed pharmacies that cater to customers all around the world. Its contracted off shore online pharmacies are completely safe and licensed as they provide its customers with the best medication possible, at the BEST PRICES. The medications that they provide is 100 percent genuine in terms of quality and authenticity as they are manufactured by globally renowned pharmaceutical companies. There is no fiddling done with the products as online pharmacies know the value of its customers and the need to provide pure unadulterated medication.

They value each and every customer and know how important medications are. They not only provide a wide range of medication but also offer 24 hours customer support services in case of any need.

Is providing prescription mandatory to buy medications online?

Yes! Providing prescription is mandatory as without providing it you can’t buy your medication online. Albeit, there are OTC (over the counter) drugs too that can be purchased without any prescription.

Shipping Concerns

Talking about the biggest concern that Americans are worried about and face; Shipping”. But don’t lose hope, online pharmacies like Complete Online Pharmacy etc. do provide FREE SHIPPING making it more economical for you. Though, many other sites do charge you for shipping not making it economically feasible.

Delivery Period

Online pharmacies provide you fast shipping considering the fact that some of them also offer free standard shipping. They know the need and importance of medication due to which timely delivery automatically becomes their top most priority.

The usual time that most of the online pharmacies take to deliver medication at your doorsteps is between the time span of 7-21 working days.


So, if you’re planning to buy medications online outside USA, online pharmacies or online off shore pharmacies comes to your rescue in all aspects, be it; pricing, discounts, free shipping, wide range of medications, delivery etc., giving American customers all the good reasons to buy drugs from them. You can purchase high standard quality medication without thinking twice and save up to 80% compared to your home prices. All this gives Americans enough reasons to buy prescription medications outside the US.


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