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What Is Insulin Index? Know How This Impacts Blood Glucose Levels


Diabetes is a significant lifestyle-oriented health disorder. It is so common that every 2 out of 5 households holds one member with the condition. If not controlled well, diabetes can even lead to other severe health disorders. Talking about diabetes the term insulin plays a very crucial role. It is a natural hormone made by the pancreas that helps the body use glucose for energy. And, when the pancreas is unable to function as it should, it may not release the appropriate amount of insulin required for you to control the blood glucose, thus, resulting in diabetes. However, there are a lot of Diabetes Generic Drugs Online, and you can always research and get what's prescribed to you at a lower price.


What Is Insulin Index? Know How This Impacts Blood Glucose Levels


What is insulin index?

The insulin index of food signifies the rise in the concentration of insulin in the blood during the 2-hour time break after having a meal. The index shows a comparison of food portions with equal overall caloric content. It is pretty similar to glycaemic index (GI) and glycaemic load (GL), but the point of difference is that it is based on blood insulin levels and not on blood glucose levels. 


How does Insulin Index Impact Blood Glucose Levels?

The insulin responds differently to different food items. The items rich in refined carbs and fats, such as bakery products and high protein food, stimulate higher insulin responses than their glycaemic responses. To add on, the insulin index is essential for carrying out healthy dietary needs along with its management and avoidance of non-insulin-dependent diabetes hyperlipidemia and Mellitus. 

High levels of insulin in the blood can lead to several metabolic syndromes like type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. Therefore, food's ability to exhilarate insulin production after a meal plays a crucial role in deciding the food that must be avoided. 


How is the insulin index measured?

Glucose and insulin scores are measured by feeding 239 kilocalories to the patient and recording the area under the glucose/insulin curve for 120 minutes, and then dividing by the area under the glucose/insulin curve for white bread. 


General principles for foods to avoid

For maintaining a healthy insulin level, there are certain types of food that you must avoid. The following are the categories:-

  • Low-fat foods: - Low-fat food are the first and most category of eatables that you must avoid. Switch to high-fat food, as it tastes better and has a lower insulin index. Make sure to choose the high-fat version of everything. For example, vanilla ice cream- 65, low-fat vanilla ice cream- 69; milk- 24, 1% milk- 34, skim milk- 60; tuna canned in oil- 16, tuna canned in water- 26; potato chips, 40% reduced-fat potato chips. 

  • Avoid sweet drinks: - Sugary drinks are highly harmful to health. The diluted sugar is easily digested, which causes a spike in the insulin level. The same goes for fruit juices. The fiber in fruits is important for slowing digestion and modulating insulin levels. Hence, once converted into juices, the fiber stops doing its job. 

  • Avoid added sugar: - Added sugar does no good to your health. It increases the risk of heart disease, hypertension, weight gain, cancer, and other severe health conditions. 

  • Avoid foods high in starch: - Our body can convert starch into sugar in no time. Hence, it spikes up the insulin level just as sugar does. 

  • Prefer white wine over red wine and beer: - If you enjoy drinking, it is better to have white wine over beer and red wine. The insulin level of white wine is 3, which is better than that of beer, which is 20. It is better to avoid alcohol, as it is anyway harmful. But if you still want to, you can have it once in a while. But make sure to opt for healthy drinks. 

The above-mentioned points do not conclude the entire list. There is always a scope for better research and more knowledge. You can even refer to a doctor and get further clear with the concept. 


To conclude

It doesn't really matter whether you are prone to diabetes or not; it is crucial to develop awareness about your own body for sound health. The entire concept of diabetes is way too broad, but ensure you are heedful towards the early signs and symptoms. This will open up the scope for easy treatments. In general terms, specific categories of foods are better to avoid. You can always consult a professional (a nutritionist or a doctor) for further detailed guidance. Also, never overlook any symptoms your body keeps showing for a prolonged period. Take care of your body, as it is the only place you have to live in..! 

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