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Truth behind how alcohol affects your health


Alcohol is the most popular drink in the world which has some powerful effects on one’s mood and health. Not many know that, ethanol is the substance in alcohol that makes one drunk.

Though, the internet is full of pros and cons of alcohol, while some say moderate consumption of alcohol have been beneficial, whereas, on the other hand, excessive drinking has been termed as very harmful. 

However, alcohol does affect a person’s health in many ways but this varies on individual to individual and also on the amount and type of alcohol you are consuming. What kind of alcohol you are consuming plays a very important role as different alcohol's contain different substances. 

Truth behind how alcohol affects your health

Therefore, if you are willing to leave this habit and are really trying hard, there are many medications available on the internet, such as; Anti-alcohol addiction medications that you can take to get rid of this habit.

So now let's have a look at 'how does alcohol consumption affect our health'.



Starting of with alcohol's impression on the brain. Alcohol consumption as we all know does have a great impact on our brain. This is due to the presence of ethanol as it reduces the communication between the brain cells for a short period of time, which is why it is referred to as being ‘Drunk’.

Not only this, but excessive consumption of alcohol can even lead to blackout. Though, these reasons and manifestations are temporary but chronic alcohol abuse may cause permanent changes in your brain leading to dementia, brain shrinkage in middle aged and older adults.



When someone is going through depression, alcohol is the only medium one thinks can make them feel better. Though, alcohol consumption may reduce your stress or anxiety for a shorter period of time but can worsen your overall mental health.

However, heavy drinking is a major cause of depression in some individuals.



Heart health is the most important out of all. According to surveys, it is seen that moderate or light drinking has been linked to lesser risk of heart diseases whereas heavy drinking increases the risk of heart disease to another level. Too much drinking has caused a weakened heart, known as alcoholic cardiomyopathy or can also trigger or cause an irregular heart rate. Not only this, alcohol consumption increases other risks like heart attack or stroke, high blood pressure, etc.



Alcohol consumption can increase risk of a couple of cancers including; mouth, throat, colon, breast and liver cancers.

Light consumption of alcohol daily rises the risk of throat and mouth cancer to 20 percent. The risk grows the more you consume, especially when you smoke and drink together the risk of mouth and throat cancer rises even more. 

When you drink, the alcohol in your body is converted into a toxic chemical called acetaldehyde. This can damage your DNA and stop your cells from repairing that damage, which can lead to cancer. Also, alcohol can increase the levels of some hormones in the blood, such as oestrogen, which causes breast cancer.



Not everyone knows, but alcohol is the second most calorie- rich nutrient after fat. Alcohol and weight gain are co-related as beer is considered to have as much as calories as a soft beverage has.

Heavy drinking does have an impact on your weight. The more you consume alcohol the more you gain weight. Heavy consumption of beer can cause weight gain whereas wine consumption causes weight loss.



Liver’s has many different roles to play in our body but one main function is to detoxify. The liver helps get rid of toxic substance we consume. This is the reason your liver is vulnerable to damage by alcohol consumption.

Regular intake of alcohol can result in irreparable damage to the liver causing various forms of liver disease.



Alcohol addiction has many negative effects on one’s body both mentally and physically. Moderate drinking is not that harmful but making it a regular habit does impact your overall health. Trying to quit alcohol is one of the best decisions you can make as it would benefit you overall and keep you away from all the above mentioned diseases. Consult a doctor or a rehabilitation centre can also help you quit drinking. Apart from this, you can even buy anti-alcohol addiction medications to get rid of this habit.


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