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Things to keep in mind before buying medications online


The biggest question that strikes the mind of a consumer is that “Is it safe to buy medications online or not”.

There are many rogue sites that offer medications at prices hard to believe, leaving people in great confusion and scepticism.

So, here’s giving you all an overview on what should one look out for while purchasing medications from an online pharmacy.

Things to keep in mind before buying medications online


Prescription or Rx, is one major sign or indication that can help you in determining the authenticity of an online pharmacy.

Many people these days have seen ads or have received mails or messages offering to buy PRESCRIPTION DRUGS without the need of a prescription. Drugstores selling fake medications tend to lure customers by adapting such tactics and also offer dead cheap prices for selling their drugs.

SAFE ONLINE PHARMACY will always ask you for your prescription beforehand and then process your order. Even though, there are Over the Counter medications which do not need any prescription, but that’s totally a different story.

NOTE: A Prescription is valid only when it is written by a doctor or a health care professional who is authorised to write prescriptions.


Check whether it is a Licensed Pharmacy or not

Pharmacies that are safe and sell authentic medications online are all licensed. Their products are 100 percent genuine and trustworthy.

One major evidence of a LICENSED PHARMACY is that it has an in-house pharmacist who has the knowledge about all the medications present on their website. These pharmacists help customers in case of any need or guidance.

Whereas, if talking about “How offshore online pharmacies are licensed?” then the answer to this is, such pharmacies contract with international licensed pharmacies. These pharmacies are renowned manufacturers having all the regulatory approvals by FDA in their respective country of origin.


Contact number, Email address and Location 

Look out for pharmacies that provide their detailed information like; email address, contact number and location, something from which you can contact or get in touch with the representatives of the website. This helps in knowing that they are unfeigned and are operating legally. Contact numbers can be in the form of customer support or toll-free numbers. This shows that the pharmacy is a renowned one as these features are only available on websites that operate legally.


Don’t get beguiled by seeing huge discounts

Usually, the case with people is that they get inclined to a website by seeing the prices which leads to impatient buying of medication. They look at the pricing and don’t think whether its original or fake and straight away purchase it. This is the biggest mistake consumers make, as fake websites take undue advantage by showing prices one can’t expect.

Genuine online pharmacies also give discounts but they are not to the extent of something that one can’t digest. The basic motto of online pharmacies is to provide medications at best prices helping their customers in saving a penny or two.

So, avoid being an impulsive buyer.



Websites accreditations is the most important as it tells about the authentication of website given by the government of their country.

It is a must for all online pharmacies to take regulatory approvals by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in their respective country of origin. So, if visiting a website for the first time, check its accreditations and then proceed.



Ordering prescription medications online doesn’t share a good rapport due to which people really hesitate and think gazillion times before buying their drugs online. The main reason behind this is that many counterfeit websites have been betraying the trust of their loyal customers by supplying them fake medications.

Once you have a valid prescription from your doctor, you can buy drugs from an ONLINE DRUGSTORE.

So, here we request you all to be smart and study the website before you buy your medications. Once you are certain that the pharmacy is legitimate and all the key points that have been mentioned above are there on the website, go ahead!

Always keep in mind; “Safety is as simple as ABC, ALWAYS BE CAREFUL”


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