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The perfect guide to Weight Loss


“How to kick off my weight loss journey?”, “How will I maintain my weight this summer?”, “Should I just stick to veggies?” and many more such questions pop up when someone tries to lose weight. While the journey and blueprint for weight loss will differ for different people, some base blocks work great for everyone. You are not the only one trying to figure this out, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. In this guide, we will be discussing some best tips to start your weight loss journey. It is not some magical stuff and will take dedication plus time. Let’s get right into it!

The perfect guide to Weight Loss

Look into the past

You need to avoid some habits from your past like bringing change in eating habits, modifying your diet, and focusing on a healthy lifestyle. Try to figure out the unhealthy stuff you intake and decide to make fundamental changes. Fasting is not a good option to lose weight, so divide your diet into parts and have a healthy and complete breakfast while eating less at night.


Don’t rush for deadlines.

Many people start their weight loss journey by thinking of a date or month they want to lose this much weight. It is not the right approach as you might change your habits, diet, or plan multiple times to achieve your goal, which isn’t going to help. Patience and consistency is the key to successfully losing weight along with a healthy routine.


Improve sleep habits and reduce stress level

Weight is not always about food and eating habits. While you might focus on your diet and food, other lifestyle activities can go wrong for you. Sleep and stress are two critical factors for a healthy life. Create a new sleep plan and get adequate sleep to avoid headaches during work: practice yoga or other activities like interacting with your friends/family to reduce stress.


Be present when you eat.

Try to avoid watching TV or operating your laptop/mobile while you eat food. It has a strong connection to how your mouth processes your food. Also, while involved in other work, you might not chew your food correctly, which will make you feel airy. So, chewing correctly and paying attention to what you eat will help tremendously.


Drink just water

Yes, just water! No soda, no juice, no sports drink, and no alcohol. The artificial sweeteners and unnecessary calories in these drinks can affect your weight loss journey significantly. These drinks also result in more unhealthy food cravings, so you should avoid these drinks.

That’s all about the weight loss journey. If you find it hard to lose weight naturally, you can combine the guide with high-quality generic weight loss drugs for better results.

You can also consult your doctor regarding the weight loss problem and, if prescribed, buy weight loss medications


Have a light and healthy day!


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