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  • Prevent asthma attack with these easy home remedies

Prevent asthma attack with these easy home remedies


Asthma is a condition in which a person’s airways becomes inflamed, narrow and swell and produce extra mucus, making it difficult to breathe.

Asthma attack can occur anytime, sometimes it can be a minor one and sometimes it can be life threatening. The best way to prevent asthma attack is to avoid known and common irritants such as; dust, pollens and cold air etc.

While there is no cure for asthma, certain home remedies and steps can help subside it from escalating and keep it at bay in case of emergency. Also, one should take some medications too at all times, even if you have not had an attack lately. You can easily buy asthma medications online or from a nearby pharmacy.

Prevent  asthma attack with these easy home remedies

It is recommended to be highly-vigilant and follow the below listed Asthma attack home remedies, if you witness signs of an asthma attack such as; coughing non-stop, wheezing when breathing, difficulty in speech, rapid breathing, pale and sweaty face.


  • Eucalyptus essential oil

Since thousands of years, eucalyptus oil has been a very trusted and known natural remedy for a number of conditions. Inhaling its vapor, can help treat breathing problems, that is why it is highly-recommended for asthma.

Lavender and basil essential oils are also considered to be good for asthma.

Note: In some cases, essential oils can also cause asthma attack to those who are triggered with chemical smells. So, it is advised to avoid this remedy if you can’t inhale chemical smells.  


  • Mustard oil

Mustard oil, is another oil that gives relief to asthma immediately. To prepare this, you need to mix mustard oil with camphor as it is considered to be a potent combination for asthma treatment. It opens up the air passageways improving the lungs to function better.

Another method is to massage a mixture of salt and warn mustard oil onto your chest several times can help subside the symptoms.


  • Coffee or caffeinated tea

Caffeine in coffee and black or green tea can help treat asthma very well as it works similarly to popular asthma medication theophylline, that helps open up the airways. It also has the ability to help improve breathing in people triggered with asthma for up to four hours.


  • Take slow, deep breaths

Staying calm and taking deep breaths helps in prevent your chest from tightening up and making it even harder to breathe. Also, helping you keep calm leads to a relaxing response.


  • Sitting upright

You shouldn’t lie down as it could make it hard to breathe. Sitting upright and in a good posture helps open up your passageway, allowing to breathe more efficiently. Many people in such cases like to sit on chairs or places that have a back to lean on.



Asthma attacks can become very dangerous in no time even if it starts with a minor attack. The above remedies are best in time of emergency as it can help put your attack at bay.

Note: Consult your doctor in case these remedies also don’t help.


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