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Not to forget your birth control pills while travelling !


Travelling has always been the most wanted segment of life. After all, who doesn't enjoy taking off-shore flights, long vacations, and the entire process of planning the trip? But, such planning involves an extra step if you are traveling as a couple or partners. It is none other than birth control. After all, all we want is a relaxing trip rather than the one where we are bumped in an unplanned situation. To avoid such mishaps, it's always preferred to carry birth control pills along with some extra set of condoms as a backup. 


Not to forget your birth control pills while travelling !


As per experts, it is always suggested to plan a trip a bit in advance to make sure that you have everything handy in case you need anything on the road. The below discussed points about birth control while traveling are some of the crucial facts that should always be kept in mind: -


Plan in advance: - 

Plan your trip along with the stuff that you will be carrying. This is done to avoid chaos in the end. Just in case if you forget to bring your birth control, you can get it quickly from the nearby pharmaceutical store. 


Keep your pills close: -

Always make sure to keep your birth control pills handy rather than packing it in the main luggage. This is done so that even if your main luggage gets lost, your birth control pills don't get lost along with it. Just in case if you leave back your pills at home, you can always buy birth control pills online


Try skipping your periods: -

No woman enjoys a period. Also, menstruation during a trip is a big No..No..! Hence, to avoid this, you must plan your trip accordingly. However, if it is a work trip or any other trip you can't reschedule, it's better to consider taking combination birth control pills or using the birth control ring or patch.


Do not forget your menstrual supplies: -

Always carry your menstrual cups/ pads or tampons whenever you are traveling. Do this even if your period date is far away. This is because if you miss a pill, you can experience breakthrough bleeding. 


Set a timer: -

If you are traveling internationally or to a different time zone, make sure to adjust the time accordingly. You can also set the alarm so that you don't skip your pills. This is done because birth control pills are more likely to be effective if taken every day. 


Right medications: - 

There are so many brands out there selling birth control medications. Hence, we must take the doctor's advice or do strong research before taking the medication. Yasmin 3/0.03mg pills have earned a good name in the industry for their birth control properties. But still, we suggest you to take the doctor's advice before taking a step forward. 


Pack your backup: -

Apart from carrying birth control pills, it's always a good option if you carry condoms to be on the safer side. So that, even if you lose your pills on the go, you already have your pregnancy protection backup plan. 


The points mentioned above are travel friendly and hustle-free. These are just a few tips and tricks that will make your vacation a little more stress-free. Happy vacay..!


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