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  • Natural home remedies for Hair Loss Treatment post Covid

Natural home remedies for Hair Loss Treatment post Covid


Are you still worried about your constant hair fall? Did COVID trigger the same? We exactly know how it feels whenever you brush your hair and see a bunch entangled on your comb. But now, you can ease up a bit as you are at the right possible place. Today, we're going to discuss every segment of hair fall solutions and guide you throughout the process. Hence, take a deep breath, and you're sure to enjoy every bit of the blog.

Natural home remedies for Hair Loss Treatment post Covid


Be it dull hair, rough hair, or even hair loss, COVID has miserably provoked each one of them. Talking particularly about hair loss, there come various treatments for the same. The main question that comes even before the types of hair loss treatment is the total cost of the treatment. The price ranges from zero to making holes in your pockets..! But why go for the not-so-budget-friendly treatment when you can fix it naturally at the comfort of your home. Try the below-discussed points that are sure to knock-your-socks-off with their stunning results.

  1. Onion hair oil:- Onions are best known for their hair growth properties. The smell of raw onion juice might be a little too much, and hence you can opt for onion hair oil. Chop onions into pieces and fry them in coconut oil until the onions turn tan brown. Let it cool down at moderate room temperature and sieve the onions from the oil. Ta-daa…!! You're good to use.
  2. Lemon Juice:- Dandruff can also be the reason for hair loss. Hence, raw lemon juice is the one-stop natural solution for the same. It helps you maintain a healthy scalp and prevents hair loss.
  3. A healthy diet:- Believe this or not, but 80% of the total solution lies here. A healthy diet is an absolute game-changer. Include fresh greens, fruits, and a protein-rich diet as much as possible. Once followed regularly, you're sure to feel the difference soon.
  4. Mild shampoo:- It's so confusing to get the perfect shampoo in the era where every shampoo seems to be "THE BEST". Hence, to avoid such confusion, always dilute your hair wash gel with water and then apply. Also, check the composition of any product for safety purpose before you start using.
  5. Stress-free:- It's not easy to remain stress-free 24X7. Isn't it? But you will be genuinely amazed by the fact associated with it. Try once and enjoy the brilliance.


If the steps mentioned above do not help you, you can go for a clinical hair loss treatment or even a hair transplant.



There is 'n' number of pharmacies selling hair loss drugs online. You can get your prescription done by a dermatologist and purchase the medications online from any of your preferred pharmacies. The best-selling online medications for hair loss include Rogaine 2 Percent Solution, Propecia 1mg Tablets, Minoxidil (2%) + Aminexil (1.5%), and many more. These are cheap hair loss medications that are readily available on our online pharmacy.

Be it COVID or any other factor, you're sure to get rid of the hair fall issue if the regimes mentioned above are followed religiously. But, make sure to consult your dermatologist before pursuing any clinical treatment or taking any medications for the same. Above all, live that happy life, and damn! You will soon have your Happy Hair Day…!!!


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