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Hypertension and Skin Health


Hypertension or high blood pressure is a common health condition in which the force of the blood against the artery walls is extreme. This gives rise to heart diseases, increases the risk of stroke, cardiac arrest, etc. But how does it even affect skin health? Well…as our mommies and grannies say, “Doesn’t matter how strong the skincare regime you follow; it will not reflect until and unless you are not healthy from within.” And that’s so true..! Your skin is the reflection of your overall health. Hence, if by any chance you are unhealthy from within or going through pain or trauma, it is sure to reflect on your skin or outer health. Nevertheless, you can consult your health care provider, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or even buy high blood pressure tablets online to lower your blood pressure. 


Hypertension and Skin Health


Impact of high blood pressure on the skin

Prolonged high blood pressure is reflected on the skin. It causes wrinkles, sagging skin, and acne. Hypertension also causes sleep disorder, which results in reduced elasticity of the skin and uneven pigmentation. It also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, and hence, a high amount of blood sugar in the bloodstream leads to under eyes dark circles, age spots, and patchy skin. Apart from that, leading a stressful life may result in hypertension and may also result in early aging and acne. 


Ways to control/lower hypertension and maintain a healthy skin

We all long for fresh and young skin no matter what. And, for healthy skin, we need to be healthy inside. The below-mentioned steps are sure to help you lower your blood pressure level and maintain healthy skin throughout your journey: -

  • Consult your doctor: - First thing first, is to straight away consult a doctor. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor in case you experience symptoms of hypertension such as fatigue, headache, breathing problem, blurry vision, etc. Your doctor will guide you throughout your treatment plan and medications. 


  • Medications: - There are ‘n’ number of hypertension drugs readily available in the market. Your medical practitioner is there to guide you with the medicines that he/she will be prescribing. However, you can also buy generic hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg online and save your pocket. 


  • Healthy diet: - Develop the habit of clean eating as early as possible. Your diet plays a fundamental role in deciding your overall health. It not only helps lower blood pressure but also improves skin texture. Eat well and stay healthy from within..!


  • Routine exercise:- Regular exercise helps maintain the blood pressure level, regulates blood flow, maintains the body weight, and results in healthy glowing skin. Regular workout also keeps the body fit and healthy.


  • Limit down alcohol intake:- Regular consumption of alcohol can easily trigger blood pressure levels. Apart from that, it causes dehydration and makes the skin look dry and pale. 


  • Sound sleep: - A good amount of sound sleep for 7-8 hours a day helps the body control hormones. But, lack of sleep or irregular sleeping patterns may cause swings in hormones and lead to high blood pressure and other heart diseases. 


  • Stress Management: - It’s absolutely okay to take stress. However, it is essential to learn the ways to manage stress. Over-stressing can lead to various health issues and one of which is hypertension. Hence, indulge in stress-management activities such as spending quality time with loved ones, playing with pets, a long walk/drive, gardening, painting/sketching, or whatever suits you the best. This will help you to divert your mind and relax. 


  • Maintain a skincare regime: - Just like healthy eating and regular workout, practice daily skincare as well. You can always consult a Dermatologist and use the products best suited for your skin type. This will help maintain an even tone and lighten down the damages caused by high blood pressure. 


Like every other lifestyle disease, hypertension also needs some lifestyle changes to get treated. Just having medications are not enough for treating the condition. However, practicing the art of healthy living is a long-term game, and the results are worth practicing. This is something you will never regret, and if followed with a genuine heart, you are sure to practice this for the rest of your life. 


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