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How do I Stop Overactive Bladder?


What is an overactive bladder? Having an overactive bladder (OAB) means that the bladder can’t store urine typically, resulting in frequent urination, especially at night. If you are going through this condition, you might experience leakage when you need to urinate and not hold your urine for long. Generally, doctors diagnose this disease after the patient reports an unusual/abnormal urge to urinate. Once your doctor diagnoses this critical condition and prescribes you medicines, you can buy medication to stop frequent urination.

How do I Stop Overactive Bladder?

However, there’s much more than medications that can help you stop overactive bladder. This disease can cause both physical and emotional disturbance. So, it is essential to get this issue under control at the earliest. We have put together some great tips that go well with your medical treatment. Let’s check out below!


Dietary Changes

Some dietary changes to your daily eating routine can have a significant effect on your overactive bladder problems. Start by limiting drinks like caffeine and alcohol as these create more urine. Also, minimize eating acidic fruits and artificial sweeteners. Do not cut off the supply of water as that might lead to constipation and concentrated urine.


Healthy Weight

Weight loss helps in stress urinary incontinence and overactive bladder. By losing weight, the abdomen can quickly alleviate the pressure on various organs, including the bladder. Even losing around 8-10% of your current weight will show results. So, maintaining a healthy weight will ease symptoms and improve your condition.


Kegel Exercises and Bladder Training

Pelvic floor muscle exercises or Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and the urinary sphincter. This helps in stopping contractions in the bladder. In these exercises, you force the bladder to wait a bit before going to urinate, and you increase this wait time regularly. A doctor or therapist will suggest you better on these exercises and how to perform them well.


Anticholinergic Drugs

These particular drugs are used to control the muscle spasms responsible for the overactive bladder. The main focus of drugs is to block the nerve signals that trigger bladder contractions, reducing the frequency and severe urge to urinate. 


Natural Supplements

Some herbal remedies have shown promising results for OAB treatment. There are various plants and herbs like the Buchu plant, Cornsilk, Ganoderma lucidum, Capsaicin, etc., that can nourish the bladder tissue and fight inflammation. These herbal remedies have also shown improvement in leakage, urgency, and night-time urination.


The good news is that with lifestyle changes and tips mentioned above, many people will see improvement, and there won’t be the need for regular medications. But in some severe cases, these are not effective, and you should consult a doctor immediately to proceed further with medications, injections, and even surgery. Also, never hide anything from your doctor regarding this situation and open up to them to get complete help for fast and effective treatment. Have a great day!


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