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  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Types, Causes and Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Types, Causes and Treatment


The penis is not just an organ used for excretion. Instead, it plays a crucial role during copulation and fertilization. For example, it cannot release the semen deep into the vaginal tube when it is much smaller. This further results in sterility or non-fertility. There are also several other conditions that affect a male’s fertility. 

However, of all these conditions, it is erectile dysfunction that has a major impact on semen discharge, fertilization, and copulation. This is a medical condition when the erectile muscles and ligaments in the penis fail to contract and relax properly. As a result, it becomes impossible to achieve an erect penis, regardless of the libido. 

Erectile dysfunction can be treated with the right medicines and other therapies. But before starting treatment, it is important to know about the types of treatment and their related aspects. Keeping this in mind, we have explained different erectile dysfunction types for more clarification.


Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Types, Causes and Treatment


What causes erectile dysfunction?

There are several reasons why one can suffer from erectile dysfunction. Some causes are lifestyle-based, while others signify a hidden medical problem. Owing to this, you need to have a brief knowledge of these factors, so you can act early and eliminate this sexual disease. 

  • Depression and stress

One of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is stress, followed by depression. When you are living a stressful life, there is a hormonal imbalance in your body, which directly impacts penile erection. Similarly, when you are depressed, your brain won’t be able to send signals to the reproductive system for penile erection.

  • Excessive alcohol consumption

Another very common reason for erectile dysfunction is excessive alcohol consumption regularly. The ingredients present in alcohol interfere with your hormonal system and render infertility. Sometimes, it can cause the muscles and ligaments surrounding the penis to malfunction. 

  • Drug effect

Many drugs can lead to erectile dysfunction in men. These can be steroids, hormone-inducing drugs, and so on. Often people continue to take medicines beyond the doctor's recommended period. This can have a direct impact on penile erection. 

  • Emotional effect 

Although the reasons are unclear, your emotional state can cause erectile dysfunction. For example, when you are angry or cannot handle the emotional turmoil, it will be quite hard to get a penile erection, regardless of your lifestyle or libido. 

  • Obesity 

One of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is obesity. Excessive body weight is said to be one of the major hurdles in the body's normal functioning, like a man's ability to achieve a penile erection. 

  • Low libido

Last but not least, low libido can cause erectile dysfunction in men. These last two medical conditions are directly related to your health and lifestyle. Therefore, improving your overall lifestyle, diet patterns, and work angle is the best solution.


What are the different types of erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be classified into three main types based on the causative agent.


Nocturnal erectile dysfunction

Nocturnal erectile dysfunction is defined as when the penis becomes flaccid or erect with no control during your sleep stage. At this position, your brain is non-active and hence cannot instruct the penis to become erect. So, this is considered a disease because the penis is getting erect without the brain involved in the procedure.


Psychogenic erectile dysfunction

From the name itself, you can understand that erectile dysfunction is caused due to psychological issues. From anxiety to depression, several conditions can lead to ED.


Reflexogenic erectile dysfunction

When the penis fails to become erect as a response to physical stimulation, the condition is termed reflexogenic erectile dysfunction. 


What are different treatments for erectile dysfunction?

There are several ways to treat erectile dysfunction. Once the doctor analyses your health conditions, they will guide you properly for faster treatment results. In the section below, we have described some of the major ways you can get rid of this disease.


1. Medicines

With the help of appropriate erectile dysfunction medicine, it becomes easier to manage this problem and get rid of a flattened penis over time. The medicines work on hormones and ensure the restoration of homeostasis. As a result, the muscles and ligaments can contract easily to provide an erect penis, ready for fertilization. You should not overuse these drugs as they are highly sensitive and can cause more harm than good. 


2. Psychological therapies

If you are suffering from depression and anxiety, erectile dysfunction is very common. This is why you should attend different psychological therapy sessions to eliminate these issues. For example, when you suffer from chronic depression, a psychologist can easily tell you different ways to reduce erectile dysfunction over time. 


3. Exercises

Another way to treat erectile dysfunction is through a proper exercise regime. When you are involved in regular physical activities, the body is able to maintain proper blood circulation, reducing the chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction. Apart from this, exercise will improve the effect of erectile dysfunction medicine, ensuring you get rid of this issue more quickly.


4. Lifestyle change

If you want to get rid of ED at the earliest, the best way is through a drastic change in your lifestyle. For example, you should ban yourself from smoking or drinking alcohol. You must follow a proper diet chart to ensure you are not putting on any extra weight. 


5. Instant erection method

There are certain tools or methods through which you can have an instant erection with ease. They stimulate the muscles and ligaments, allowing the penis to become erect in the least possible time. These methods include an intraurethral suppository, vacuum erection device, and alprostadil.  



Erectile dysfunction is not a rare sexual problem faced by only a few people. Instead, it is a common sexual problem that every eight men out of ten encounter. Erectile dysfunction is a temporary problem in some cases, while in others, it becomes a permanent problem leading to infertility and sterility. So, once you recognize the symptoms, you should visit the doctor at the earliest and have the condition treated. As there are many different treatments like erectile dysfunction medicine and exercises, you should be able to get rid of the situation with ease.

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