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Don't Fall Into These Menopause Myths


It is said that the female body has the most complex system, and this complexity increases with age. We are well aware of a woman’s menstrual cycle. In simple words, it is the cycle that arrives every month, wherein a woman bleeds for around 4-7 days. As long as female experiences a menstrual cycle, she is capable of becoming pregnant. Now, after attaining a certain age, a woman stops experiencing menstruation, which is known as menopause. It also means that she is no more capable of giving birth. However, this phase brings a lot of changes in the body along with some myths that are worth ignoring. You can always consult a gynecologist about the type of care and diet you need to follow while you attain the stage of menopause. Under their guidance, you can buy menopause medicines online from a reputed pharmacy like us and enjoy incredible price points and discounts.


Don't Fall Into These Menopause Myths


Here are some myths related to menopause that you might have heard all your life and considered to be true: -


  • Menopause means the end of sex life

Menopause brings about a lot of hormonal changes in the body. It decreases the level of estrogen hormone, which can lower sex drive and lead to vaginal dryness. But that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy sex. Explore options like hormone therapy, lubricants, new forms of turn-ons, etc., to enhance your sexual life. 


  • Menopause leads to weight gain

Menopause isn’t the sole cause of weight gain. Growing age leads to slow metabolism, which can settle some extra pounds on your body. The only solution is to involve yourself in regular exercise and eating right. 


  • You can be pregnant while in menopause

You will be considered to have attained the stage of menopause only if you go without a period for 12 months straight. This means that even if you get your period by the end of the 11th month, you are still capable of becoming pregnant.


  • There’s no cure for hot flashes

Hot flashes are one of the common symptoms of menopause. Its severity and frequency depend from woman to woman. However, there are few options which one can try to feel better. You can consult your medical practitioner and go for Estrogen Replacement Therapy (ERT) or Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHT) for the cure. 


  • Menopause causes depression

Menopause is not the sole reason responsible for depression. It is okay to experience a few episodes of mood swings while in menopause due to hormonal changes. However, you can address such issues with various treatments and medications. 


  • Hormone Therapy and Estrogen Replacement Therapy are dangerous

Although such therapies are not suitable for everyone, research shows that some women have experienced significant relief from menopausal symptoms after undergoing ERT and HT. Nevertheless, we should understand that no medical treatment comes without risks. So it is always beneficial to consult a medical instructor and discuss your health conditions and medical history before taking any medication or treatment.


Menopause is a phase in a woman’s life wherein she needs to adapt new habits, bring change in her living pattern, and celebrate new possibilities. Your body will undoubtedly change a little. But that’s okay. Things change with time, and so does our body. For all who started off with menopause, it is time to celebrate sexual liberty and the freedom from wearing those uncomfortable pads and tampons and experiencing cramps, bloating, and sickness every month. Also, consult a doctor without a second thought if you feel that your menopausal symptoms are affecting your day-to-day activities. You can also order menopause medicine online from our pharmacy and enjoy free doorstep delivery. It is life; some changes are a part of life, and we learn to adjust accordingly. So, celebrate every change you experience in life as “You Only Live Once.”


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