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Change Your Lifestyle to Prevent GERD


Many people are not aware of the term GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Let us first put this situation into simple words. Your esophagus is a tube that just connects your throat to your stomach, when the stomach acid goes back up to this tube, it causes a burning sensation in your chest and sometimes you feel the sour taste of food in your mouth. This is what acid reflux or GERD is all about. Just like many other diseases, this can also be prevented and treated. There are many GERD Medications available along with certain ways to prevent GERD. Let’s have a look at what you can do to avoid this condition.

Change Your Lifestyle to Prevent GERD

Know what food or drink to avoid – Stay clear of spicy foods. Avoid food that contains a load of spices, chilis, tomato, garlic, and onion. If you love alcoholic beverages or coffee, you should certainly avoid or limit the consumption to prevent acid reflux. These are the things that increase the amount of acid in your stomach. 


Know what to eat You should increase the number of veggies in your meals, and if you follow a non-vegetarian diet, then try and lean more towards seafood, chicken, and turkey. And if you are a fruit lover, then go for non-citric fruits like banana, papaya, pears, watermelon. When it comes to drinks, you should go for beverages like buttermilk, milk, coconut water, etc. All these things contain less amount of acid, which can be really good for your gut.  


Consume the needed amount – Never overeat! To avoid overeating, you should always keep in mind to drink two glasses of water before a meal as your thirst can be converted into hunger.   


Sit up after eating Never lie down just after you had your meal. Sit up and give your stomach to digest the food well. Lying down as soon as you have your food is harmful as it can trigger the symptoms of acid reflux.


Manage stress – According to several studies, stress can be one of the triggering agents for acid reflux. If you are having some kind of stress, try to cope with it using coping strategies like exercising, yoga, meditation, or for some people listening to music can be a game-changer. 


Give up smoking – Since smoking weakens your LES, it very easily can trigger acid reflux and increase the risk for heartburning and GERD. Anyhow, smoking is not something that can be beneficial in any way, so it is better to quit it. 


Get your medications reviewed – There are certain medications that weaken your LES by slowing your digestion, like asthma medications, antidepressants, sedatives, etc. These worsen inflammation, so if you are facing acid reflux, then you should consult your doctor to review your medications and if the doctor suggests, you can easily buy acid reducers medicine


Maintain weight – One of the significant factors that play a crucial role in many health issues is that extra pound you are looking to lose for a long time now. Excess weight can be hazardous and can trigger acid reflux as it can put additional pressure on the abdominal area.


Piece of advice

So, if you are just sometimes experiencing heartburn or acid reflux, you can change your lifestyle according to the ways mentioned above as a doctor will also advise these. If you are regularly experiencing this condition, consult a doctor and buy gastroesophageal reflux disease drugs online as advised.


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