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Basic awareness about high blood pressure


‘Hypertension’ also commonly known as ‘high blood pressure’ is one of the most prevailing conditions in today’s world. It is a disorder in which an individual’s blood pressure rapidly increases to detrimental levels. Hypertension is a long-term medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is persistently elevated.

High blood pressure being the most common condition has a very high likelihood that one or more than one out of your loved ones may be afflicted with this illness. However, there are many hypertension medications that one can use to control this disorder.

It is very shocking to know that some people suffering from High BP for years may not even be aware of it as Hypertension symptoms are not prominent. However, the damage to blood vessels and the heart is continuous. So, early detection is very important.

Basic awareness about high blood pressure

According to a survey, it is very appalling to see that out of 10 people who have suffered a heart attack, 7 are the ones who are diagnosed with hypertension.

There are many factors, or you could say hypertension causes that can make one vulnerable to hypertension. So, let’s take a look at these concerns.



One should control their respective weights as being obese can raise the risk of many complications for a person suffering from hypertension. The reason behind this is that an overweight person needs more blood to be pumped for supply to blood vessels. So, staying fit and in shape is a must if you are a high BP person. You could consult a doctor for a special hypertension diet.



Smoking as we all know is terrible for one’s health. However, what it does is that it increases the heart rate immediately and also upsurges the risk of damage to the arteries. So, quit smoking if you want to lead a healthy life, you can also try medications for the same. To buy, visit:


Limit consumption of salt

The consumption of salt should be limited as too much salt in an individual’s diet causes water retention, therefore, increasing blood pressure. So, be careful about the amount of salt that is going into your meal or body.


Family history

If your family has a history of hypertension, then the chances of suffering from it increase even more as it then becomes a hereditary problem. However, if you know that this condition prevails already in your genes, it’s better to take some pre-emptive measures.  



Stress, as we know, can increase a lot of problems. One of them is the increase in blood pressure. Usually what people do is that to avoid stress they start smoking, drinking which therefore aggravates the condition making it worse.



If you’re a patient of hypertension, it is very important to keep everything under control. This being a life-long illness has many side-effects if not taken care of properly. So, it’s better to take control and avoid things that can aggravate the condition.


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