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All you need to know about weight loss medications


‘Weight loss’ is something that everyone is struggling to achieve these days as staying fit and healthy has become the rage of the century. Every single person is working hard and trying their best to look good by going to the gym, following a healthy diet and all those things that one can to lose a few pounds. 

Well, who doesn’t like to be in shape? Clearly, no one. 

Losing weight isn’t everybody’s cup of coffee as there are people who really struggle hard but still don’t see any significant results in their weight due to their serious health problems and obesity.  

So, for those who are struggling on HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST, there is another option called WEIGHT LOSS PILLS that can to some extent help you in reducing weight. 

All you need to know about weight loss medications

Who is an ideal candidate for weight-loss drugs?

An ideal candidate for weight-loss medications are as follows:

  • Whose body mass index (BMI) is greater than 30, or
  • Whose BMI is greater than 27 and has serious medical issues related to obesity, such as, high blood pressure, high-cholesterol and obesity

Candidates with the above problems are suggested to take weight-loss pills advised by their doctors.

Note: Weight-loss drugs are not for everyone especially women who are pregnant, trying to become pregnant or are breast-feeding. 


How do weight-loss pills work?

Weight- loss drugs works in two ways; either they block your fats or curb appetite. For example; Orlistat, an oral medication helps in blocking fat absorption. Whereas, medications like Saxenda, that are injectable medications mimics a hormone that tells your brain when your stomach is full. 


Availability of weight-loss drugs

Weight-loss drugs are easily available on different websites. You can BUY CHEAP WEIGHT LOSS DRUGS online at pocket-friendly rates. 


Drugs approved for weight-loss

There are 5 medications that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for long-term use: 

Bupropion-naltrexone (Contrave), liraglutide (Saxenda), lorcaserin (Belviq), orlistat (Xenical) and phentermine-topiramate (Qsymia). 


Effectivity of weight-loss drugs

Now the question that arises in people’s heart is, “how well do weight-loss drugs work”? 

WEIGHT LOSS PILLS do help people in shedding a few pounds, like around, 6-8 percent of their weight depending upon the kind of pills they are taking.

According to a survey, it is said that 5-10 percent of total body weight loss can have many health benefits such as, lowering blood pressure, blood sugar etc. 


Longevity of drug intake 

Another question that strikes individuals mind is that, till how long does a candidate have to take weight loss medication?

The longevity of drug therapy depends upon individual to individual. If your doctor feels that the drugs that you’re intaking are helping you improve your health and aren’t giving you any side-effects, then he might suggest you to stay on the same medication for long. 

But if, you haven’t lost weight for weeks even after completing the full course of your medication, then your doctor might have to change your pills or line of treatment. 


Do you gain weight again after stopping weight-loss medication?

After stopping weight-loss medications a lot of people do regain their weight because they start unfollowing the healthy lifestyle that they should follow to remain on the same weight.


Can weight-loss medications replace exercise and healthy eating habits?

Weight-loss medications don’t replace physical activities or healthy eating habits. It is said that; weight loss pills work the best when combined with these two. 



Weight-loss medications do have side-effects like every other drug. These medications are not a permanent solution to your weight-loss problems, but is a tool that can help you in adapting a healthy lifestyle. 


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