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5 effective Hair loss medications


An individual’s ‘Hair’ is the first most noticeable part of one’s beauty and appearance as it enhances their personality. Whereas, a lot of people struggle from hair loss problems resulting in extreme thinning of hair. There are various factors that result in hair loss, like; stress, pollution, inappropriate eating habits, etc. 

In today’s world, one has many options to choose from to treat hair loss, be it HAIR LOSS MEDICATIONS, home remedies, homeopathy etc but what suits you the most and works for you the best is all that matters. However, the most important step towards stopping hair loss is to consult a doctor. By consulting a doctor or hair expert one gets to know the root cause of their problem.

5 effective Hair loss medications

Though, there are many medications that claim to help prevent hair loss, but here we are going to list down some of the famous medicines that have been tried and tested and have actually worked for people. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best medicines for hair growth:


  • Minoxidil

Minoxidil (Rogaine) is one famous medicine that can stop hair from getting thinner and promoting hair growth. Therefore, these medicines take months to show positive results when used religiously. 

However, this medicine comes with some cons too. First things first, this medication doesn’t suit everybody. According to a survey, many people do see changes and new hair growth, whereas, some find no results at all. 

The most common and complained side-effect is that it causes scalp irritation and also some unwanted hair growth on their face, hand or forehead. Plus, the other biggest downside is that, you need to keep using it or else your hair would start thinning again. 

Wondering where you can get this medication from, don’t worry, you can simply BUY HAIR LOSS MEDICATIONS ONLINE at cheap prices. 


  • Finasteride

Finasteride is another medicine that works somewhat or on the lines of Minoxidil. This medication is more effective for men dealing with baldness as it promotes hair growth in the crown region. It works by decreasing the amount of DHT leading to increased hair growth and slower hair loss. Also, hair growth on other parts of the body is not affected by this medication.

According to a survey, men have seen significant changes in their hair growth as well as improvemnt in the quality of hair. However, hair loss symptoms may resume if you stop taking Finasteride.

Note: Women and children are not recommended to use this medication. 


  • Silicea 

This is another medicine that is considered to be good for hair growth. The reason behind it being very effective is that it is made up of human tissues and sandstone that helps in nourishing the hair follicles. It is a homeopathic medicine and is available in both liquid as well as granule form. 


  • Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil is an herbal practice that is recommended by many hair experts for hair growth. This oil helps in blood circulation when applied to the scalp which promotes hair growth. 


  • Kalium Carbonicum

Kalium Carbonicum is again a homeopathy medicine that really works in preventing hair thinning and drying. However, this medicine is advised to be consumed only after consulting a homeopathic doctor. 



Hence, these are some of the most effective medicines that help in hair growth or thinning of hair. Nonetheless, these medications can work for some and cannot for others, it depends on individual to individual. 

Many people do not like trying medications due to their side effects and rather prefer trying HAIR LOSS REMEDIES AT HOME.  It totally depends on one’s personal preference and choice. 

Therefore, we would highly recommend you to consult a hair expert before taking any medication instead of deciding for yourself. 



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