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4 ways to support your loved ones with mental illness


Mental illness is a serious problem that needs a lot of care and love. According to a survey conducted, at least one out of five adults in the United States suffer from mental illness. People often quote people suffering from mental illnesses as ‘not normal.’ Apart from this, it is often quoted as ‘shameful,’ which is why people going through it are reluctant in voicing out their problems.

A person needs to think before speaking to the person suffering from a mental sickness as they are very fragile. Supporting them is the best you can do for them; however, it may come with many challenges. How you treat them has the most significant impact on their well-being.

4 ways to support your loved ones with mental illness

Let’s take a look at how and what you should avoid saying to a person who has a mental illness.


Educate yourself about the illness


It is very important to educate yourself about the illness as sometimes many people fail to grasp the severity of the condition without having any prior knowledge. Without having proper knowledge, it is impossible for you to feel what the other person is going through. You need to register that; their actions and thought are not in their control.


Reach out for support


Stigma is the reason that precludes people or families from seeking support, but it is through support that you gain more information and knowledge. This enables you to swap ideas as well as help manage your loved ones in a better and efficient way. There are so many support groups that you can join, for example, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) offers you a 12-week course that can help you gain a moderate amount of knowledge or help that you are seeking.


Keep pragmatic expectations


Families often feel that after your loved one has spent several weeks in the hospital, they have this mindset that they have come home all cured and fine. The individual himself feels that he needs to cover up on all the time lost, so he does things that can often lead to an escalation in stress levels.

So, it is very important to be realistic and encourage your loved one too to keep a practical approach towards life.


Work closely with your loved ones.


It is very important to work closely with your loved ones to keep a tab on their treatment. Many treatment programs allow your near and dear ones to join in the program and conferences, letting you see how they function and help your loved ones get better.




It is very important to support your loved ones when they are dealing with such a serious illness. Your support and love are all that they need to get better. Understanding their situation is the best thing you could do for their betterment.


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