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Corion 5000 IU / ML Injection ( HCG Intramuscular )

  • Manufacturer Win Medicare
  • Generic Name Human chorionic gonadotrophin ( HCG ) Corion 5000 i.u.
  • Rx Requirement This product requires a PRESCRIPTION
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What is Corion 5000 IU / ML Injection?

Corion 5000 iu Injection contains a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). It is used to treat infertility in women and men. It is also used to treat delayed puberty issues in children.

It works by releasing the eggs from the ovary in women and by increasing the testosterone level in men.


What is Corion HCG 5000 Injection used For?

Corion 5000 IU Injection is used to treat infertility in women who cannot conceive due to hormonal imbalances in the body as well as infertility in men caused by a lack of specific hormonal secretion. The injection is also given to male children suffering from Cryptorchidism, where one of both the testes is not descended into the scrotum.

It is prescribed for:

  1. Female infertility

  2. Male infertility

  3. Cryptorchidism


How Does Corion 5000 IU Injection Work?

Corion 5000 Injection is a form of sex hormone. It aids in the release of eggs from the ovary in females. In males, it works by increasing testosterone production which helps in treating conditions such as delayed puberty, and low sperm count.


Why Choose Complete Online Pharmacy to Buy Corion HCG Injections?

Complete Online Pharmacy is the largest and most reliable international online pharmacy store that provides high-quality FDA-approved drugs at a reasonable price. The quality of our products is of utmost importance to us, and we take utmost care in selling them with the help of our research and development team. Our experts are highly qualified and knowledgeable. The products we offer are certified by GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council), making them completely reliable for the end-users. All these factors make us a trusted online pharmacy brand.

The health and medical information provided here is for general purposes only and is not a substitute for the expertise and judgment of your physician, or other health care professional. It should not be understood to indicate that the use of this medicine is safe, appropriate or effective for you. Always consult your health care professional before using this, or any other, drug.

Precautions and Warnings of Corion HCG Injection

  1. Talk to your doctor before taking this medicine, if you:

  2. Are Pregnant or Breastfeeding. Use of this medicine by women who are either pregnant or breastfeeding is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. Consult your doctor about the risks.

  3. Are allergic to Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) or any of the medicine's other ingredients.

  4. Are a woman suffering from ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) - an exaggerated response to excess hormones.

  5. Have had stomach surgery.

  6. Have ever had a twisting of an ovary.

  7. Have ovarian cysts.

  8. Have an untreated underactive thyroid, adrenal or pituitary illness.

  9. Have a hormone-dependent cancer of the breast, ovaries, or womb.

  10. Have recently experienced  unexplained vaginal bleeding which is not related to your menstrual period

  11. Have fibroids in the womb or reproductive organ abnormalities that make a normal pregnancy impossible.

  12. Are a male with a hormone-related tumor, such as testicular or prostate cancer.

  13. Have high blood prolactin levels (Hyperprolactinemia).

  14. Have any other medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or any other chronic disease.

  15. Have an increased risk of blood clots.

  16. Are overweight.

  17. Are undergoing fertility treatment, the use of this medicine can cause multiple births. You should discuss the risks of multiple births, ectopic pregnancy, or other complications with the doctor before starting this medicine.

What are the Side Effects of Corion 5000 IU Injection?

A few of the side effects of using Corion 5000 IU Injection are: -

  1. Severe pelvic pain

  2. Swelling of hands and legs

  3. Abdominal pain

  4. Shortness of breath

  5. Weight gain

  6. Diarrhea

  7. Nausea or vomiting

  8. Urinating less than usual

Less serious side effects include: -

  1. Headache

  2. Restlessness

  3. Irritability

  4. Water weight gain Depression

  5. Breast swelling

  6. Mild pain at the injection site.

Possible side effects include: -

  1. Bloating

  2. Stomach Pain

  3. Pelvic Pain

  4. Nausea Or Vomiting

  5. Rapid Weight Gain

  6. Allergic Skin Reaction

  7. Irritability

  8. Enlargement Of Breasts

  9. Headache

  10. Injection Site Pain

  11. Sleeplessness

How to Use Corion 5000 IU Injection?

Use Corion 5000 IU Injection as instructed by your physician. It is advised to take this medicine only under the supervision of your doctor or a trained healthcare professional.


Corion HCG 5000 Dosage Instructions

The dosage of Corion HCG 5000 Injection and how often you take it depends on what you are taking it for. This medicine should only be taken under medical supervision. Your doctor will choose the most suitable starting dose for you.

What happens if I miss a dose?

Contact your doctor for further instructions if you miss a scheduled dose of this medicine.

What happens if I overdose?

Contact your doctor if an overdose on this medicine is suspected.


How to store the Corion 5000 IU Injection Generic?

You can store Corion 5000 IU Injection Generic at room temperature, away from flame, heat, and moisture. It's not recommended to store the medication in the bathroom. Always keep the medication in a dry place. Make sure to keep it away from the reach of pets and children. You can store the used Corion vials in the refrigerator for about 30-45 days. 

What are the Benefits of Corion 5000 IU Injection?

Corion HCG  5000 IU  Injection contains ‘human chorionic gonadotrophin’ used in the treatment of female infertility and male hypogonadism. It stimulates the production of sex hormones such as testosterone in men and progesterone in women. It can also stimulate ovulation (egg production) in women and improve sperm production in men.

Human chorionic gonadotropin belongs to the class of ‘sex hormones’  used to treat infertility in females whose ovaries do not function properly. It can also treat male hypogonadism in which the testes are normal but don’t function properly. It can treat cryptorchidism in boys from age 4 to 9 if there is no structural deformity. 

Pros and Cons of Corion 5000 IU Injection

Pros of Corion 5000 IU Injection

  1. Corion Injection can also be used by children who are at least 4 years old. 

  2. After professional guidance, it can be injected at home under professional guidance. 

  3. You can store used vials in the refrigerator for about 30-45 days. 

Cons of Corion 5000 IU Injection

  1. The medication is available only in the form of powder and can be taken as an injection and hence, can be a little uncomfortable to use. 

  2. You need to add bacteriostatic water to the powdered vial HCG to slow down the growth of bacteria before use. 

Alternate Corion 5000 IU Injection Medicine

There are various alternate Corion 5000 IU Injection Generic available such as below:

Fertigyn Injection

Fertigyn Injection is used for the treatment of female infertility and male hypogonadism. This medicine helps with the female ovulation process as well as helps men increase their testosterone levels.

Ovidac Injection

Ovidac Injection helps treat female infertility and men with male hypogonadism issues. Its function is similar to that of Corion Injection and Fertigyn Injection.

Diet and Lifestyle Advice

  1. Consume a healthy diet high in fiber and protein and low in carbohydrates and fats.

  2. Avoid foods that are processed or high in sugar.

  3. If you are overweight, stay active and lose weight. Exercising vigorously may have a negative impact on your reproductive health. Gradually increase the intensity of your workout.

  4. Being underweight can also have an impact on fertility. So, make a diet plan that will help you gain weight safely.

  5. Avoid stress because it can interfere with your fertility. Try relaxation techniques and, if necessary, seek support and counseling.

  6. Limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine.

  7. Stop smoking.


Interactions of Corion 5000 IU Injection

Every drug interacts differently with different individuals. Before taking any medication, talk to your doctor about all the possible side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I avoid?

    If you are allergic to it, pregnant, or have early puberty or hormone-related cancer, you should avoid using Corion 5000 IU Injection. While taking this medication, avoid drinking alcohol.

  • Where can I buy Corion 5000 IU injection?

    You can purchase it from the Online Pharmacy website.

  • Where should I keep my medicine?

    Store this injection under the conditions mentioned on the pack. Keep it away from children and pets.

  • Is Corion-C 5000 Injection painful? 

    Corion-C 5000 injection, may cause mild tenderness or tingle at the injection site. This is quite normal following an injection procedure. However, if you experience unbearable pain after the injection, seek immediate medical attention.

  • Where do I inject Corion-C 5000 Injection?

    Corion 5000 is injected into a muscle or under the skin under the supervision of a medical healthcare professional only. Do not self-administer.

  • How long does it take for this medicine to take effect?

    This medication has a cumulative effect, and the onset time varies depending on the intended use. After 6 hours of intramuscular injection, the peak concentration in the body is reached.

  • Is this a habit-forming medicine?

    No habit-forming tendencies are noticed.

  • Can this medicine be taken during pregnancy?

    You should not take this medication during pregnancy because there is insufficient information about its safety. If you are pregnant or suspect you are pregnant, you should consult your doctor before using this medication.

  • Can this medicine be taken while breastfeeding?

    Use of this medicine by women who are breastfeeding is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. Consult your doctor about the risks.

  • Do Corion HCG injections increase the chances of twin babies?

    The use of HCG injections can cause multiple births. You should discuss the risks of multiple births, ectopic pregnancy, or other complications with the doctor before starting this medicine.


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