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Sofosbuvir 400mg tablets ( Generic )

  • Manufacturer NATCO
  • Generic Name sofosbuvir 400mg tablets
  • Rx Requirement This product requires a PRESCRIPTION
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Sofosbuvir, an antiviral medication is used to prevent hepatitis C virus from multiplying in the body.

It is used in adults and children (at least 12 years old or who weigh 35 kilograms) in combination with other medications.

Generic Sofosbuvir is given with ribavirin, with or without peginterferon alfa. It is also used in people who have HIV though it is not a treatment for HIV or AIDS. And also, in people who have liver cancer and are going to have a liver transplant.

The health and medical information provided here is for general purposes only and is not a substitute for the expertise and judgment of your physician, or other health care professional. It should not be understood to indicate that the use of this medicine is safe, appropriate or effective for you. Always consult your health care professional before using this, or any other, drug.

You can buy sofosbuvir online at affordable prices.

The one reason where this medication will not suit a person is if you have ever had hepatitis B. The reason behind this is that generic sofosbuvir causes it to come back or get worse. Frequent and regular blood tests need to be done to make sure your liver is functioning well.

As this medication is taken in combination with other medicines, do not change your doses or schedule without the consultation of your doctor.

Read the medication guide or instruction properly before using.

You can search for cheap sofosbuvir online if you can’t find it in a nearby pharmacy.

Get medical help, if you see signs of an allergic reaction to sofosbuvir 400mg like: hives, difficulty in breathing, swelling on face, lips, tongue or throat.

Some of the most worsening symptoms of this medication are;

Loss of appetite, upper stomach pain
Dark urine, clay-colored stool

If you take sofosbuvir and also take a heart rhythm medicine called amiodarone, then this combination can cause some life-threatening side effects to your heart. The symptoms may include;

Very slow heartbeats, chest pain, shortness of breath
Confusion, memory problems
Weakness, extreme tiredness, light-headed feeling

Common side effects;

Headache, feeling tired
Sleep problems (insomnia)

The blood test would first be performed on you by your doctor so as to make sure you can safely use this medication.

It must be given in combination with some other medicine and should not be used alone.

Take this medication once per day for a time span of 12-24 weeks. It is not recommended to take this medication in larger or smaller amounts of for a longer period of time.

You can take this medicine with or without food.

Frequent blood tests are required to check whether your liver is functioning well.

The sudden halt to generic hepatitis drugs is not advised as it could then make it harder to treat hepatitis C with the use of antiviral medicines.

Store this medicine in its original packaging and away from heat and moisture at room temperature.


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